1923 T-Bucket
Very cool car!
SBC with 4 stromberg 97 carbs.
4 wheel disc brakes.
Should be a fun, trouble free car for a lot of miles!
This was a very fun project!
We did a lot of custom things, like the steering column brace that
holds the fuse box, cut out the transmission tunnel and made a
recess for your foot, all the suspension bolts  have been safety
wired or use nyloc nuts. Every bolt on this car has been
loc-tighted, torqued and marked with a colored paint pen to show
it was done.
I spent hours planning the location of the steering column and
seats to make the car as comfortable as possible.

The end result is a car that you can drive and enjoy without
chewing on your knees like a lot of T-buckets.
The car is very quick, steers great, handles the road great and
stops on a dime.
Check out the pictures of the finished car below.