This is going to be a highboy with rumble seat.
Just starting to collect parts for this one. Planning to start construction
around the beginning of the year.
End of the first week.
Frame is painted, front suspension is done,front brakes are on, steering box is hooked
up, engine and trans are in, headers are on and exhaust is run to rear end.
End of second week.
Steel framing is made and tacked inside body, both inner doors are hung and latched,
radiator is mounted, grille shell is mounted, engine is finished(except fuel pump),
windshield frame is mounted, trunk has been converted to rumble seat, rear end is
mounted( Ford 8.8 with 2.73 posi).
End of third week.
Doors and rumble lid are fit, just have to glue them together.
Rearend has been blasted and painted and reinstalled.
Lokar shifter is installed.
Wheels are painted and tires mounted.
Steel structure has been fiberglassed to the body.
It's getting there......5 weeks until delivery.
I think I can, I think I can.....
End of 4th week.
Had to modify the back of the body for the gas tank, it's done and the gas tank is in.
Fired the engine, runs and sounds great!
Started on the body work, both quarters are ready for primer.
Found some bad spots, where there was nothing under the gelcoat, had to completely
rebuild the drivers door jamb and the front of the cowl on the drivers side.
Drivers door is glued together.
End of 5th week.
Both doors glued, drivers door is hung and finished.
Rumble lid is on and lined up, jamb inside rumble seat is almost finished.
I had to rebuild the door jamb on the passenger side, same as the other side, it's
almost finished. I was hoping to be in primer by now.....
It's done!
The interior needs to be finished but that's about it.
There was some really loooong days in this one!
I finished it about an hour before my wife got home, just enough time to wash it and
put the red bow on it.
I've made a few changes since the car was originally built.
Installed a 3 deuce manifold.
Changed the headlights to '32 Ford headlights.
Redid the dash and installed a 1959 Chevrolet dash cluster.
Installed a tilt column and a banjo steering wheel.
Changed to some bigger rear tires.

We've got a little over 6,000 miles on the car now and I
wouldn't hesitate to drive it anywhere.
It's been driven in parades and my 17 year old daughter
even drove it to high school a few times.