As of 4/15/2016

The quarters are done and the body is bolted back on
the frame.

The floors and firewall are  painted.

The official color is 2007 Dodge Charger Go Mango.

The chassis and drivetrain are complete.

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1962 Chevrolet's have always been one of
my favorite cars.
This one looks a lot worse than it really is...
It's mostly here and all the floor braces
look like new.
I'm going to do a complete frame off on
this one, every nut and bolt will be taken
apart, every component will be rebuilt or
When it's done, it will be a new car again.

The plan is to build it the way I like them,
60's style. 327, 4 speed, posi and of
course chrome reverse wheels and dual
exhaust with glasspacks.
It's completely apart!

If there was a bolt, nut or clip it's off and in
a bag to be replaced or refinished.
4 bolt main 327 bored .060 (339 cid)
New rings & bearings.
Aluminum heads have been freshened up.
New Comp Cams 280H cam, lifters, valve
springs,double roller timing chain,Crane
roller rockers, Edelbrock durashine
intake,Ceramic coated Hooker headers.
Muncie M20 4 speed.
All new bearings, syncros, seals and
Hurst competition plus linkage.
Frame and suspension parts have been
sandblasted and powder coated.
All bushings, bolts ,ball joints, brake
lines,fuel lines springs and shocks will be
New disc brakes on front and rebuilt
drums on rear.
Engine and transmission are installed.
New clutch & pressure plate are inside
scatter shield. New springs & shocks front
and rear. New bushings front and rear.
New ball joints and tie rods.
Disc brakes on 2" drop spindles.
All new grade 8 bolts used.
Rear end is done with new posi unit and
new bearings.
All brake lines are done. 3/8 fuel line is
Rear brakes with all new hardware are
Engine is ready to fire.
Chrome reverse wheels and new tires are
mounted and installed.
Aluminum radiator with dual cooling fans is
mocked up so I can find some hoses and
test fire the engine.
The hoses came today! I built a temporary
dash, primed the oil system, filled the
radiator and pressure tested it. I couldn't
resist pouring a little gas in it and hearing it
fire up for a couple of seconds...Also
installed the driveshaft with all new U-joints
and billet center bearing. All fluids are full.
The engine, transmission,rearend,suspension,fuel line,
brake lines and brakes are finished as of 1/24/2016
The floors are getting replaced.
The floor braces are all in great shape.
The first floor half is cut out and the new one
is welded back in.
Both quarter panels are welded on and
ground smooth.
New rocker is done on left side.
The floors have all been replaced.

The trunk floor, rear crossmember and body
mounts have been replaced.

The underneath is ready for prep and paint.
The floors and firewall have been painted.

The color is 2007 Dodge Charger Go Mango.

I NEVER thought I would spend that many
hours sanding the underneath of a car....
The quarters have been primed, blocked
and re-primed.
The body is bolted back on the frame.

I'm going to spend a little time and make it
run so I can start it to pull it in and out of the
It runs, drives, stops and steers.
The doors,fenders and hood are at the body shop,I'm just
waiting until they have room for the rest of the car.....