SS 396
This is a very cool car!
It's been a race car most of it's life, now it's being returned to the street.
The front rollbar arms are getting cut out, but the main hoop and rear
arms are staying to preserve the race car past.
I'll be replacing the drivers front floor pan and cleaning up a few other
spots in the floor.
This is the before picture,
The bars are leaving and
the floor pan will be
The 1st bar has been
removed .
New floor pan and hump
installed. Pan was
welded top and bottom,
seams ground and
Right side bar has been
cut out.
Main hoop cleaned up, I
had to hand file the weld
off next to the window.
No room for tools...
Here's what's left on the
floor. This pan isn't
getting replaced, so this
side will be a little more
The patch they made
had been removed. Not
a lot of room to work
The stub is gone and the
frame has been ground
I made a new patch and
welded it in place.
I found another weak
spot, so I figured I'd cut
it out and repair it.
Here's the floor all
repaired from the top.
All done! Welded,
ground and sealed.
Stripped all the
undercoating off and
sanded the floors.
I have quite a few holes
to fill.....
Trunk floor needs a little
Trunk floor has been
repaired. It's not perfect
but it's 100% better than
it was.
Top of the trunk floor
came out very good. I
just shot some primer on
it, it'll be speckle painted.
The frame has been
stripped and is ready to
The frame was wiped
clean and treated with a
rust converter, then
painted with the correct
semi gloss black.
The floors were wiped
clean, primed and
painted with the correct
satin black.
A new fuel line, brake
line and install the new
rear end and rear
suspension and this one
will be going home.
New 12 bolt is installed
with Hotchkiss
New gas tank with
stainless straps.
Tho owner is installing a
427 crate motor and an
M22 4 speed.
This one turned out to be a little more work than I thought it was going to be, if
you've ever cleaned off undercoating, you know what I mean.

The end result turned out great, but I can't remember ever getting that dirty before.

The bad part is the picture of the car leaving, on the trailer, looks just like the picture
of it getting here, until you look underneath....