1957 Chevrolet Belair 2 door hardtop

Right now it has the original 283 powerpack engine in it that was rebuilt years ago
by a previous owner and never driven.
It will have a 350 with a mild cam, Edelbrock 4 barrel on an aluminum manifold and
a turbo 400 with a nice shift kit. Disc brakes and power steering too.
Very solid straight body!
The frame has been done already, all new suspension front and rear, new brake and fuel
lines. The car is loaded with parts!
I can't wait to get it in the garage and unloaded to see all the treasures!
It's in the garage!
It took us hours to
unload all the parts!
A little Armor all and it'll be
ready to go!
Yea right!
But it does have the original
All the trim is hung on the wall
with care in hopes that the 57
ferry with soon be here!
I hope to start working on it Monday night April 13 exactly 1 year from the day the idiots at the
bank put me out of business.
The goal is to give it to it's new owner on Valentines day.
Stay tuned I'll update every Sunday night.
This is all the rust I found!
It's just about all apart.
I've got most of it sanded to
bare metal.
I sometimes wonder if I was
dropped on my head when I
was little,
I think I have almost everything I needed to buy. The power steering box came today. I have
the disc brakes, new bumpers, new weatherstripping , wiring harness, glass, all new
emblems,grille bar, grille, tail lights, headlight bezels, and lots of little packages of screws,clips
and bolts!
December 19 2009
I painted it 2005 VW Beetle
Cyber Green.
December 23 2009
The assembly has started, the doors, hood one fender and
some of the trim is on. I'll be working on it whenever I'm not
working or sleeping until it's done!
Jan. 7 2010
It's getting there! Most the
trim is on, next is
the side glass
JAN.25 2010
All the side glass is in, all the weatherstripping is done,
all the exterior trim is done except the bumpers.
The fuse box is mounted, now I wonder where all those wires go......
It's all done except for a few little details. It's a driver and
we've driven it 1,000 miles already.